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Hilarious Moments From Friends That You Will Never Forget

by Qunki Team | others
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The iconic phrase “I’ll be there for you” resonates with this sitcom of the ages. A series that reinvented friendship on all levels and created admirable audience worldwide. So tag your besties and let them know how much you value their comical presence with these adorable FRIENDS memes.

1. When you are caught red-handed stealing your bestie’s ride.


2. Your friends watching Biggest Loser Wins.

3. When you are never left alone by your squad.

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4. Getting your beauty sleep be like.

5. Are you thinking what I am thinking look.

6. When you pro at body shaming.

7. When one of your friend is a grammer nazi.

8. The secret lingo that you and your bestie share.


9. Moving into your friend’s house be like.

10. When you get peppy sex-talk.


11. Proposing right after you get drunk.


12. Blind dates be like.


13. Me trying to stay cool about my profession.


14. When you get caught for watching too much porn.


15. That one paranormal enthusiastic friend.


16. Give them Cake theory for world hunger.

17. When you catch up your collegues at the mall.


18. When you gotta entertain your squad.


19. Every Thanskgiving with friends turn up like.

20. That one foodie who has been to all the restaurants.


21. Hard questions turning into double meanings jokes.


22. One friend who is always excited about the holidays.

23. A true foodie tantrum look like.


24. When you go to the dentist and want to show off your pearly whites the next day.


25. Seconds away from a full blown emotional freak breakdown.


26. Loving those warm cuddles on winter evenings.


27. When you and your sibling complain about mom’s cooking.


28. Entering like a boss for the holiday season.


29. Me trying to impress my crush.


30. Your brother when he spots your PDA in public.

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